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Welcome to <Shadow and Light>
<Shadow and Light> is a raiding focused guild comprised of a wide diversity of players.  Our age demographic typically ranges from 25 to 35 (with a few outliers in either direction), and we seek members (especially those who commit to a raid team) to be adults who are in control of their lives, as committed raid teams require people who are able to consistently honor that commitment.  As such, our officers and members are committed to helping out one another in ways that extend beyond filling up a group, including reviewing logs, engaging in constructive debate, and just hanging out to laugh and joke together.  If you are an open-minded person who seeks to excel and is always looking to take the next step to elevate your performance, then our guild is what you are looking for.

If you are interested in joining our raid team, please read "Team Shadow Guidelines and Expectations" under the Guild Policies tab.

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